Worldly Wise Women

 Worldly Wise Women

Many independent women have a Worldly wise women yearning to search for adventure and opportunities that involve risk and challenge ‘something new as yet not found‘  according to author Carolyn Heilbrun. 

Could this be your life?

Worldly Wise Women

Have you ever asked the question ‘what do I do with my life now that my kids grown up and I have new time for ME? Bet you still feel you’ve got so much to offer and don’t know what to do with all your energy.  Well this is the website or you! There is so much available and lots of ideas for how you can travel, meet new friends, stay healthy, work for yourself and become the woman you always wanted to be!                “These journeys of the spirit explore a new kind of aging, one that is spiritual in nature, enabling new ways of being and becoming, but open-ended and capable of great variation in practice,”  Dr. Phyllis Perrakis – University of Ottawa.

Make life Simple                       

Why not start by simplifying your life. Get rid of the Excess Clutter that’s been accumulating over time. Then use the proceeds to have experiences you could only have  dreamed of. It isn’t as difficult as you think. Sell online, car boot sales, give to charity or just recycle. If you haven’t used it in a year than there is no need to have it – rethink  your relationship with your belongings, could you live without half them? Remember they are costing you money to store.   

Travel the World Cheaply 

Many people who want to travel do not want the expense or hassle of putting their furry babies into kennels so in exchange for feeding and walking their pets you can stay in their homes for free by House or PWorldly Wise Womenet Sitting. Thousands of opportunities are available all around the globe on projects small or large if you have the time to spare. Help out on an organic fruit farm in France, teach street kids in India to learn English, pick tea in India, help out in a yoga centre in Canada. You name it – it’s out there. Give a few hours of your time – Stay for Free

Be your own boss – work from home or abroad

If the idea of starting your own business appeals to you – why not consider your very own website. Sisters are doing it themselves! Earning money while you travel or simply packing in your 9 – 5 job to do something you really love is a lot easier than you might think. Many sites offer tempting ways of making a living from home – but beware of the many scams. You might be surprised at how your hobby or interest can earn you travel expenses, help with your bucket list adventures or even Worldly wise women a brand new career direction. The Worldly Wise Women website is an example of how to do it, so what are you waiting for?

Healthy Lifestyle  

Whatever direction your life takes having a healthy body and mind are essential for Health & Well-being.  Check out our articles on Meditation, exercise and Healthy Diet. It is amazing  to hear stories about women from around the world who have done inspirational and interesting things against all the odds. Check out and women on our Wise Women on TED.

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28 thoughts on “Worldly Wise Women”

  1. Hi Lorna,
    Very informative article and enticing too.
    You’ve introduced great ideas which could help opening new windows to many. Appreciate your insights.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Peggy and many thanks for your kind comments! I am hoping to add some great new content in the near future so check in when you can! Being a bit of an oldtime rocknroller myself, I really love your site too – keep on rockin’!

    1. Many thanks for your comment John. Because there are so many scams out there I was wary of Wealthy Affiliate at first but I have never looked back and went yearly as soon as I could. I can honestly say it has given me a new lease of life! Your site is excellent – another tribute to WA!

  2. Hi Lorna,
    What a wonderful site!
    I really enjoy your ideas for ways to explore a new life.
    I myself am exploring the world of affiliate marketing!
    And I enjoy the way you encourage healthy lifestyles.
    I look forward to revisiting you site!

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comments Christa! Enjoying a healthy lifestyle ensures the energy to try new adventures well into old age…My mum at 76 years young has recently done an amazing trek – The Camino – in Spain.
      Affiliate Marketing is an wonderful opportunity for anyone – man or woman of ANY age – to make a new career in self employment – very best of luck to you – you’re in great company with Wealthy Affiliate!

  3. Hi Lorna,
    Your site gives me more positive feelings about Affiliate Marketing. I did find the first month hard to get into a rhythm for doing. Now I really like the work and the opportunities which it gives. I hope soon to make a breakthrough.

    1. Hi Olga – thank you so much for your comments! Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to see that there is wonderful potential in online business whatever niche is your interest area. Well done with your own site and a little work every day reaps the rewards! It is important not to give up as you have found out – very best of luck to you..

    1. Thanks so much Peggy! It is quite amazing – with a little investigation – there is so much available to us out there – particularly in the online area. Sometimes us ‘mature’ gals are afraid to try new opportunities but we are full of life experiences and there is a big audience online who are interested in what we have to say. Your site is a testament to that – I just love it!

    1. Hey Enid – thanks so much for checking out my site. I am a great believer in de-cluttering – it effects our environment, our moods and fill us with unnecessary burdens and stresses. Live is all about quality – you hit the nail right on the head!

  4. Lorna – I love your site. I am in the midst of de-cluttering and also approaching the age where I would like to travel more. Both go hand in hand. Very good thoughts on your site. I am also a Wealth Affiliate member, so they all fit together perfectly. Thanks for offering this to us ‘wise’ women. I will be back often.


    1. Hi Joan – thank you so much for the very nice comments. I am very pleased you like the site – yes there are plenty of us about! Neither of us would be here if it were not for Wealthy Affiliate so thumbs up to them too! Best wishes and look forward to hearing from you again

  5. Hi Lorna – yes – good article about being adventurous and trying new things. As I am going through a house of clutter, it reminds me that I don’t need all these things. That is the first step.

    Thanks for the information and reminders. Love your website.


    1. Thanks so much for the comments Joan. De-cluttering can be a difficult but rewarding experience. People often feel fearful of letting go of possessions even if they are not of any use to them. But too many possessions causes us stress that we care often not aware of so the relief can be amazing! Well done to you – keep it up! :-)

  6. Hi Lorne,

    I like the layout of the website and it seems you have set up a nice website here! I wish you all the best!!!


    1. Hello Dominique!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment and I am delighted that you enjoyed the site.
      It was a pleasure to meet you, Jamie, Billy and all the other ONE supporters and I hope we will meet again soon!
      Love and best wishes, Lorna

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